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Guidelines for Care of Grounds

  1. Monuments may not be placed until account is paid in full.

  2. Monuments cannot be placed without assistance from cemetery personnel.

  3. Monuments purchased on-line are the sole responsibility of the owner.  Due to liability concerns, delivery of online  monuments will not be accepted nor set by the cemetery staff. 

  4. U.S. government provided Veteran plaques or stones are to be placed with cemetery personnel instructions.   Bronze military markers can be mounted on the backside of the monuments.

  5. Monuments are the property and responsibility of the family.

  6. Vases, wooden or metal boxes attached to the side of the monuments are encouraged. Shepherd hooks, flag holders, and metal hearts not attached to the monument are allowed but must be durable and are to set directly by the base of the monument.  Artificial flowers must be in metal or durable plastic containers.   

  7. Glass jars, tin cans, ceramic containers, rocks, lights, small wire stands, lawn ornaments, and artificial flowers without a container, are not permitted..

  8. No plantings of any kind are allowed, including trees, bushes, perennials, or annuals. 

  9. No hedges, fences, or enclosures of any kind will be permitted.

  10. All ground decorations for special holidays should be removed two weeks following the holiday, especially Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, July Fourth and Labor Day due to mowing season.  Items remaining in the ground after two weeks will be destroyed.

  11. General clean up of the cemetery will occur twice a year; November 1 and March 1.  Items not collected by the family will be destroyed one week after cleanup is complete. 

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